Advisory services to assist in accessing a range of
methodology and technology strategies.

Big Date Engineering and Data Sciences Consultancy Services

Providing business assessment by optimizing and speeding up the data – Information-Insights-Recommendations-Execution value chain and digital transformation has been the forefront of analytics at Bradford Jacobs Technologies.

Today, the business leaders want to deliver concrete business outcomes from data. Digital disruption has created an opportunity for every company to restructure their traditional business into a data-driven enterprise. However, challenges to manage the variety, volumes, validity and velocity of information have come with this opportunity.

In order to aid customers in bridging the gap which exists between the business strategy elements of information technology and the business processes and technology systems which can help to turn them into a reality, the consultancy services offered by Bradford Jacobs Technology cover a comprehensive range of capabilities.

Our clients have achieved business outcomes from services that remake data fabric through current architectures and tactics.

Through proven applications and cloud services, Bradford Jacobs Technologies data and analytics answers leverage speed and scale. The latest testing and security services that bring effectiveness in charges through computerization stem our client’s confidence. The newest technology for client differentiation with Al and cognitive computing is embedded by analytics at Bradford Jacobs Technologies in client’s digital portfolios, accelerating IoT enablement as well as addressing the complete lifestyle of managing Big Data. To achieve business results that deliver value each day, enterprises partner with Bradford Jacobs Technologies.

Our Services

We provide you with unbiased vendor-neutral recommendations, implementation roadmaps and architecture blueprints advisory services based on proof.

We will help you select appropriate technologies based on your budget and requirement as well aiding you in defining a Big Data Strategy. We also make sure that it supplements your current data warehouse/BI investments. Our specialists will help you evaluate both open origin options and commercial products as they have a comprehensive view of numerous options available.

You can achieve your Big Data goals by engaging our advisory services team.


Our services include:


We get you advisory services to help you define blueprint, roadmap and Big Data Strategy.


Advanced Big Data analytic applications of rapid execution.

Data Science

Advanced predictive analytical algorithms and models build.

Implementation Services

We reduce your risk, execution time and cost, while providing efficient delivery. We’ll provide a vastly capable, high performance Big Data analytics solution according to your needs.

Utilizing Big Data technologies, our team of specialists will collaborate with you to outline proof-of-concept prototypes. We will aid in deploying and scaling your Big Data result to a production-grade implementation on successful validation of the prototype. You’ll get the best of your Big Data solutions, cost-effective maintenance and support.

Get in touch with us to get more information on how you can install and retain Big Data solutions.

Data Science

We have experience in leverage methodologies, and our scientists are experts in executing algorithms and advanced models that discover patterns in the data, separating the signals from noise and providing predictive insights.

We are experts in enterprise search and advanced statistical and mathematical decision science, natural language processing and machine learning. We also have experience in a wide range of industries such as telecommunications, banking and financial services, manufacturing, travel and entertainment, healthcare and digital media, among others.