Plan, manage and build cloud infrastructures
using an established portfolio of choices.

Infrastructure and Cloud

Bradford Jacobs can plan, manage and build a cloud infrastructure for you using our established portfolio of versatile choices in order to speed up cloud adoption.

The cloud service that Bradford Jacobs offers sets companies on track to successful and speedy cloud adoption whilst mitigating their risk and guaranteeing industry compliance.

How can your organisation best utilise the cloud? Which of your applications are suited to cloud hosting, and which of the available cloud technologies would fit best with your structure?

Here at Bradford Jacobs Technology, we offer consultancy and cloud strategy services which can assist our clients in accelerating their company's journey towards utilising the cloud, transforming their IT while reducing their operational costs.

Cloud Consultancy Services

The cloud consultants at Bradford Jacobs Technology are skilled in deploying every type of cloud platform, even including the hybrid cloud which can offer your company the best of both worlds. Helping to drive flexibility, compliance and security for the applications that are critical for your mission, we also drive down costs.

We draw not only on the components of our cloud partners, but also on our own proprietary Cloud enabled Enterprise Transformation Fabric which features pre-built cloud solution components to enable your company to select the most appropriate cloud technologies for you. We will also help you to map out a business strategy to:

  • Increase your profitability by speeding up your time to market.
  • Enhance the utilisation of your company's IT infrastructure.
  • Help to improve your customers' experience.
  • Virtualise processes.
  • Increase the collaboration within your workforce.

Areas of Focus

Our cloud team frequently consults in the following areas:

Cloud Strategy Definition and Transformation Roadmap:

We define future state vision and cloud service models for migration to the cloud.

Readiness Assessment:

We assess and document business and IT drivers, determine cloud readiness, perform audio and assess readiness for adoption of the cloud.

Quality control

Consistency of quality

Cloud Suitability of Assets:

We determine which business and IT assets are most suited for cloud migration and identify business-relevant cloud services.

Cloud Service Commercialization:

We craft a revenue generation model for cloud services, evaluate cloud ROI and choose the right cloud platform and deployment model.

Cloud Application Services

Cloud Application Services

Bradford Jacobs Technologies Cloud Application Services help you move to the cloud seamlessly-whether you're migrating an off-the-shelf package or developing a new application from scratch. Designed to drive flexibility and efficiency, our services include both migration and monitoring solutions running on IaaS or PaaS cloud platforms from Bradford Jacobs Technologies and our partners.

Once cloud-enabled, you can easily scale web applications, set up testing environments, experiment with high-performance computing (HPC) applications and more.

Application Hosting and Monitoring

You always have the option of using the Bradford Jacobs Technologies cloud infrastructure solution-our hosted and managed cloud infrastructure running in our world-class data centers. This provides greater choice and flexibility for managing and monitoring mission-critical applications in a hybrid cloud environment.

Bradford Jacobs Technologies Cloud Partner Ecosystem

Bradford Jacobs Technologies supports leading cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, SFDC, Windows Azure, Savvis, VMWare, NetApp, IBM, Google, NetSuite, Oracle Taleo, Workday, SAP, Eloqua, Rackspace and many others. Our partnerships with these leading cloud providers accelerate time-to-value for clients.

Areas of Focus

Cloud Migration and Management Services:

Application Migration to the Cloud:

Re-host applications to the cloud, re-engineer applications for the cloud or replace with COTS cloud options.

Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Management Services:

Options include public cloud hosting such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, client-hosted private cloud or Bradford Jacobs Technologies cloud infrastructure.

COTS Software Deployment to the Cloud:

Applications readily moved to the cloud include Microsoft SharePoint-on-demand and SAP-on-demand.

Use of Cloud VMs for Development, Testing and Training:

Includes support and testing of large-scale web applications such as e-commerce sites.

High-Performance Computing:

HPC applications that require significant processing power on demand are well suited to cloud migration such as big data applications.

Cloud Software Services

Cloud Software Services

Cloud Software Services-covers the entire range of critical business processes in the SaaS space. The list includes customer relationship management, supply chain management, human resource management and financials together with their backend processes.

Strategic Relationships

Our strategic relationship with major SaaS vendors-including, NetSuite, Ariba, Oracle, IBM SAP, SuccessFactors and Workday -enable us to provide best-in-class execution with deep technical and project management expertise, along with a strong focus on innovation.

Cloud Software Services

Cloud Software Services combines the power of SaaS with a differentiated methodology to enable you to achieve the business outcomes you are seeking from a cloud enabled approach including:

Process Driven Cloud Transformation:

Allows organizations to leverage the cloud as a means to transform their enterprise processes and achieve business objectives.

Hybrid Cloud:

Characterized by existence of multiple cloud applications running in conjunction with on-premise applications.

Multi-Cloud Orchestration:

Characterized by the related use of best-of-breed SaaS solutions used to fit organizational requirements.

Change Management:

Required as cloud implementations often transform business models and force necessary change at all levels, including systems, process, organization and people.

Enterprise Process Transformation Services

Enterprise Process Transformation Services

Cloud Readiness:

Includes enterprise cloud business case, enterprise business strategy and discovery, enterprise cloud migration roadmap and process maturity assessment.

Process Transformation:

Includes vendor assessment, process harmonization, change management and governance, global rollout and localization strategy and best practices implementation.

Application Enablement:

Includes application development and migration, enterprise cloud implementation, integration/interoperability, business analytics and data and testing services.

Managed Services:

Includes cloud engagement health check and value capture, BPaaS enablement, end user engagement and application value enhancements