Customised DevOps platform designed specifically
to meet the DevOps needs of your company.

DevOps Professional Service

Let us deal with your infrastructure, leaving you free to get on with developing the products which generate your revenue. We are your in-house, outsourced DevOps team: We build outstanding platforms and main them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We offer a customised DevOps platform specifically designed to meet the DevOps needs of your company.

All companies need high availability, immutable architecture and automation of their infrastructure, but not all companies need to make these elements their core competency.

With our faster building automation, the high quality architecture offered by our senior engineering team and the repeatable processes we offer, you can enjoy better value than hiring internally.

Think about it - couldn't your developers work on more features if they didn't have to waste their time in fixing and building production infrastructure?

Team of Dedicated Experts

Let us deal with your infrastructure, leaving you free to get on with developing the products which generate your revenue.

Bradford Jacobs Tech Partners supplies a team of dedicated experts who can maintain your platform 24/7.

When you choose our services, your developers are free to make as many changes as they like without having to worry about deployment and they can concentrate on developing new features that will boost your app head of your competition.

Your development team require freedom to improve and change the code with no worries about the infrastructure of the app, and whether it can handle those changes.

Let us help you in increasing the security, availability and speed of your app with DevOps best practices paired with a DevOps-as-a-Service plan.

What our devops consultancy offers

GCP and AWS consulting

An expert level of GCP and AWS consulting, implementation and guidance.


Autoscaling and dockerizing of apps.

Automated environments

Creation of an automated production/staging and development environment.

Disaster recovery

A robust plan for disaster recovery as well as failover drills.

Re-architecture of infrastructure

Re-architecture of infrastructure in order to offer support for sustained growth.

Zero downtime

The creation of an immutable infrastructure with no downtime

Our DevOps Approach

With our unique framework and expert staff, we provide next-generation hassle-free DevOps processes and tools.

Stage One


We begin our consultancy process by working in conjunction with your team to gain an understanding of the current state of your existing infrastructure, documenting its present reality. You will spend some time with our team, showing us the decisions that you have made regarding your architecture and what you have done so far. If you are too busy to spend time in this way, you can simply give us access and allow us to do the mapping on your behalf.

Stage Two

Infrastructure Strategy

Our expert team will formulate a plan which will improve availability, security and performance while helping you to fulfil your company's infrastructure goals. We will also discuss with you the priorities and advantages of migrating to containers and microservices and will architect for your company's future needs.

Stage Three

Iterative Enhancement

Once we have reached an agreement on our scope of work, weekly iterations will be implemented, with constant updates being supplied via Slack integration and priorities being set from week to week. There will be no ongoing contract, we simply continue until you tell us to stop.

Stage Four


Unlike other companies we will never leave you in the lurch. It is our job to protect the investment you have made in infrastructure and through our DevOps-as-a-Service packages which we customise for your infrastructure and application, we will own the on-call rotation which relates to the work which we have done, providing support and upgrades on an ongoing basis, helping to implement any changes .