Advisory services to assist in accessing a range of
methodology and technology strategies.

IBM Watson Consultancy Services

IBM Watson Customer Engagement is a unique and innovative platform that aids all manner of commerce, supply-chain and marketing professionals make unifying decisions around customer desires, expectations and needs.

Watson Customer Engagement reveals key aspects of the value chain and clarifies clients with an array of embedded cognitive features that can integrate without seems or hassle into the current way a business operates. A trusted adviser will assist businesses in obtaining a heightened ability to make decisions based on key data areas. Watson’s delivery of actionable data and trends provide clients with a clear 360-degree view of every aspect of their businesses’ operations. This will enable clients to react and act with supreme foresight and proactivity which is a requirement for agile modern business operation.

In years past, Watson has gained traction as a prolific and scalable AI business platform - one of the best available worldwide. Watson has now reached a point of evolution where it’s become a wider collection of services. Watson covers areas of decision-making, machine learning and reasoning. This allows Watson to effectively cover the highest-tech industries and enterprises, providing them with scalable tools for agile operation. Watson can effectively scale via advanced reasoning processes, interacting with humans to aid them in solving data-based issues.

Bradford-Jacobs Technologies is an IBM business partner and we’re wholly dedicated to understanding how Watson can be scaled and plugged in to your business. Bradford Jacobs Technologies have made lots of investments into becoming Watson-ready. We’ve hundreds of resources which are certified on Bluemix, resources on Watson Explorer and over 20 executives which are fully trained on Cognitive Value Assessment which is the specific IBM method used in the support of customers alongside Watson use cases.

Watson Marketing

Watson Marketing fuses elements of business and marketing with a class-leading solution which is optimized with cognitive capabilities. This puts power in marketing professionals who can then utilise specialist data to reveal new angles for customer impact and value. This innovative approach can provide a competitive tech-driven marketing edge.

Watson eCommerce

Watson Commerce fuses complex aspects of business expertise with class-leading solutions which make use of embedded cognitive capabilities which aid enterprises in the seamless integration of customer and product. Via the monitoring of trends and behaviours, enterprises can take action with foresight and optimize in real-time.

Watson Supply Chain Management

Reveal specific risks alongside opportunities to take immediate action in efficiency and supply-chain regulation. Covering back-end, order management and fulfilment.

Supply chains preside over large parts of businesses ranging from delivery and regulation of goods-streams and costs. Watson Supply Chain can illuminate elements of existing platforms and systems to identify areas of enhancement via the application of data. This allows the mitigation of issues and optimisation of existing operations.