Advisory services to assist in accessing a range of
methodology and technology strategies.

IoT Internet of Things

IoT, or Internet of Things, applications are rising sharply with their unprecedented ability to produce huge volumes of incredibly useful consumer and company data. Meters, appliances, wearables and interconnected devices like cars and smart home products are all major contributors to this IoT landscape.

In response to this, companies are angling their technologies to apply analytics, machine learning and AI from this pool of information. BRADFORD JACOBS TECHNOLOGIES specialises in suites of IoT applications and technologies which are almost wholly powered by Mosaic. This will greatly enhance your enterprise’s ability to engage with customers and operate efficiently in various ways and from various comprehensive angles.


Assisting clients on their journey to IoT mobilisation. Aiding clients with roadmap generation and direction. Value-stream mapping (domain based). Business KPIs. Blueprinting and planning solutions. ROI Mapping. Business case prep.

Integration & Implementation

Introducing end-to-end sensor and equipment integration with M2M Comms. Intelligent Business Communication Set-up. Partner product application. Various and comprehensive domain and platform expertise.

Analytics & Insights

Advanced development of analytical insights garnered from our solutions. Develop action-plans from selected key insights. Aid businesses and corporations for productivity, efficiency and process optimization.

Standardization & Transformation

Attaining a world-class standard. Complete and comprehensive compliance with Brownfield and Green-belt projects in selected applicable industries. IT-OT overlap and advanced convergence. Optimal visualisation, VR factory environments and augmented reality for transformative businesses.


Full CS assessment. Prep of networks with future-proofing tools for ICS vulnerability. Assessment, analysis and audit of new and existing systems. Response and recovery blueprinting with advanced and comprehensive risk-based compliance testing.

Niche Services

Expertise in wide and varied domains. muBradford tech / domain / platform and product skills and expertise. Enhancement of IoT solutions with extended labs for fail-fast illumination using a PoC approach.

Smart Assets

Enhance profits via the application of Smart Assets. Gain competitive advantages through optimisation and efficiency.

Enhance business ops via the provision of enhanced insights, advanced analytics and technology-enabled automation and heightened connectivity.

Comprehensive and advanced analytical insights enable far smarter enterprise decision making and enhanced production ops. Via the acquisition of data gained through IoT devices, garner awareness for efficient-decision making and product placement/visibility and transfer from manufacturer to retailer.

Smart Facilities

Full integration of smart solutions. Effective implementation of new technologies in existing ecosystems through the entire chain of monitoring to management.

Smart Experience

Provide full, intrinsic and deep understandings of customer usage stats via Smart Experience apps.

Smart Sustenance

Reduce sustenance and ongoing upkeep and costs to a more efficient minimum.

Smart Connected Products

BRADFORD JACOBS TECHNOLOGIES will provide vast solutions for connected IoT products with microservice architecture. Comprehensive enabled integration with Jacobs Technology platforms. The same solution could be deployed in parallel on-site and on a cloud. Advanced monitoring of real-time data and asset performance.

Oil & Gas

BRADFORD JACOBS TECHNOLOGIES ’s prolific industry expertise and highly innovative IoT solutions will aid clients in this sector. Achieved primarily via enhancement of production, utilization of selected assets and reduction of costs.

Industrial Manufacturing

BRADFORD JACOBS TECHNOLOGIES aids a variety of industrial enterprises capitalize on upcoming options for digital technology and trends.

Engineering & Construction

BRADFORD JACOBS TECHNOLOGIES helps E&C companies optimize, ground-up modernize and gain traction and efficiency for new projects, therefore aiding them with operational efficiency and maintenance resulting in profound reductions in lead time costs & associated delays. This enables an easy and efficient path to managing compliance.


BRADFORD JACOBS TECHNOLOGIES ’s platform and domain-centric offerings aid utility companies in process optimization across all of their existing and new tech platforms.

Automotive and Aerospace

BRADFORD JACOBS TECHNOLOGIES has a profound understanding of new and existing automotive and aerospace industries and their associated value chains. We can help companies invent and imagine new and innovative solutions that align with industry trends.

Media & Entertainment

BRADFORD JACOBS TECHNOLOGIES ’s specialist data analytics are actionable and efficient. Facilitated by advanced IoT tech, we’ll assist the measurement process for your system.

Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail

BRADFORD JACOBS TECHNOLOGIES ’s IoT solutions aid enterprises and merchants of all kinds to analyse collected data in real-time and retrospectively. We use data from advanced IoT sensors and devices. We can glean tremendous insights into multi-dimensional areas surrounding business and customer operation.


BRADFORD JACOBS TECHNOLOGIES ’s IoT solutions can aid healthcare services and enterprises collect a continuous stream of highly usable data which can aid decision making over value chain provision enabling cost-effective outcomes and enhanced customer experience.

Life Sciences

BRADFORD JACOBS TECHNOLOGIES ’s specialist ‘Business-to-IT Connect’ approach to enterprise tech can improve operations for every stage of the Life Sciences value chain.

Hi-Tech & Consumer Electronics

BRADFORD JACOBS TECHNOLOGIES aids new and Hi-Tech companies with accelerated innovation. We’ll apply IoT over a wide spread of operations for diverse and comprehensive outcomes. This will create a far more predictable yield and enhanced value chain and costing analytics.


Application of BRADFORD JACOBS TECHNOLOGIES ’s IoT apps and products can provide a supreme integration with logistical warehouses and transportation methodologies.

Banking & Financial Services

BRADFORD JACOBS TECHNOLOGIES ’s IoT solutions can really enhance and ensure Banking & Financial Services (BFS) in their enhanced ability to analyse selected trends and behaviours.